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About Us

When creating and sustaining a healthy garden in the urban environment it's important to maintain an ecosystem that works well together, works as a team. Our continued focus is detail; identifying the situation before making plans or practitioning care. We have been a family run business since 2001 and look forward to the upcoming season. Our team is fully insured and active within the industry.

"Details can influence the atmosphere of a room just like one employee can influence the success of a company. "

Our Services


• Selective and structural pruning for mature trees
• Removal of deadwood, unsightly or unwanted growth
• Maintenance pruning of young trees, ornamentals, hedges and flowering shrubs
• Structural and rejuvenation pruning of perennials and climbing vines depending on bloom times, growth habit, etc.
• Fall garden shut downs and leaf clean-up or disbursement


• Supply and install a wide variety of trees, shrubs, perennials, climbing vines and even bulbs for annual planting and group planting
• Plant selection varies from native, naturalized, non-native, specimen ornamentals depending on site, soil conditions, climate, and of course preference

Stump Grinding:

• Removal of old or recently removed tree and shrub stumps
• Depth of removal depending on re-sodding or re-planting


• Removal of dead, hazardous, and potentially undesired trees or plant material within the landscape
• Brush, chips, and wood disposal


Garden Design:

• Given the fundamentals of space, functionality, preference and site a landscape can be tailored to meet these expectations
• With each project complete and with great pride, it is our responsibility and interest as professionals to ensure your ecosystem is working together within your landscape for years afterwards

Arborist Reports:

• Arborist Reports, Tree Inventories, Stewardship Plans
• Working with city and/or development projects to safeguard and minimize the impact of construction to maintain the existing ecosystem within the landscape

Deep Root Fertilizer (DRF):

• DRF is a way in which we can replace, replenish and introduce essential nutrients into the root system
• Careful consideration is made to the existing soil and mineral makeup, as to not displace or discourage water and mineral absorption through osmosis


• Supply and install a wide variety of shredded mulch, organic compost, and soil
• Depending on site, shredded mulch can be essential for retaining moisture, protecting against thermal fluctuations and suppress weeds and other competition


•Used as structural support for the canopy, strengthens the crown, support over-arching limbs and in no case should be used to support decay in trees
• Two popular ways cabling can be done are by using aircraft cables attached by screws into the trunk and Cobra cables that encircle the trunk with large flexible bands

"Throughout each season in Canada, our goal is to maintain a healthy ecosystem for your trees and plants to be a part of."

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"Fostering an environment for what matters most."

Contact Details:

Reach us at (416-579-2880) or fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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